Brian Brewer – Volunteer Extraordinaire

We had an opportunity to recognize Brian Brewer at the March 29, 2015 Marauder Banquet.


Brian was completely overwhelmed by the recognition. He stated that ball is his life and he is happy to be a part of our program and to be involved with the good people at PMSS. At the banquet, he stated that it beats sitting at home watching TV.

Brian thanks everyone who contributed to the gift.  All names of donators, or generalized groups as identified by the collectors, were noted BB.1on a Certificate of Thanks and Appreciation which Brian said he will be having framed to hang with other awards he has received.

In particular Brian thanked Rich Goulet, John Rocca, Nancy & Carmen Bilodeau, Shihana Wewala, Anna Roberts, Darlene Severinski, and Lisa Wild.  If it wasn’t for those kind of people, he couldn’t do it. There are others he appreciates as well, but he didn’t want to miss out on someone by making a complete list. 

There are a lot of great kids and he enjoys being involved with them.

Brian stated that he would be using the gift towards an upcoming trip to Whitehorse and Calgary and had already visited Costco, with his friend Larry Walker Sr., to purchase a fan for his apartment.  

Brian is proud and touched by the recognition and really wishes to convey his thanks for the gift.  

From Brian Brewer, via Lisa Wild, at his request. 

When Mr.Keenan was a student @MRSS, BrianBrewer was his volleyball coach!

Brian Brewer is the Jack-Of-All-Trades around PMSS and many other schools.  He has been volunteering for decades!!


Brian is well-versed in all areas of the concession, gate and scoring table.  And has lots of great stories to listen to!!


 You will often see him, in his baseball cap, at the gate or scoring table; supervising the activities in and out of the gym.

You can love him, or avoid him, but one thing is clear….

Brian does what he does for the kids. He loves the kids…especially those with a few manners and some initiative.

A little kindness goes a long way!!

[And don’t be kind just to get one of his special smiley-face cookies.]

If he seems gruff, make sure he has a coffee, check your own tone, or look for a twinkle in his eye…he is probably using his ‘unique’ sense of humour!  

Please take the time to thank him, for everything he does, for our school, kids, and the program!

 Brian often has smiley-face cookies or a bag full of stuffed toys, that he hands out randomly to smiley-faced children, teens and adults!  

He buys these for fun, but you can see the true joy is in the giving!



Thanks Brian!!!


We are coordinating a BIG ThankYou to our One-Of-A-Kind Volunteer Brian Brewer

Please see picture for details. Contact Webmaster or follow information in picture to get involved!!

Plus, please help us keep the secret!!  Thanks!!



Wow! What a find!! A picture of Brian Brewer as a Manager for the Maple Ridge Ramblers, back in the day!!!


Original Photo: 


Thank You’s to Brian