Parents of Marauders

Hey Parents, when you signed the sheet for your son/daughter to be on a Marauder basketball team, you offered yourself for volunteering!  (Maybe you should have read the fine print!!)  The big thing about volunteering, is when everyone helps out, it makes less work for everyone.  Also, keep it positive!  It isn’t such a big deal, so make your volunteer time enjoyable for yourself and others.  No matter how much you have to volunteer this season, there are dozens of people volunteering, as much or more, to make this season possible for your child.  Thank you, and please, thank them!

Driver’s Abstracts: To drive any students to and from school events, including sports, individuals must have a driver’s abstract on file at the school.  CLICK HERE for information or refer to school website.

  • Drivers Abstracts  must be completely renewed every 2 years.  Thanks!

Seasons of Play


Basketball Concession: Several versions, read through them.  It helps all of us, if parents know what they are doing; and the concession will be set up properly, run well, and cleaned and put away for the next group!  Thanks!!