Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth @ PMSS

Thank you to the Gianfranco Gianmaria Memorial Society (GGMS) for their generous donation of an AED to PMSS.  Along with the efforts of the PMSS PAC and Mr. Dennis Dickson, we now have a defibrillator available for our students, staff, and community; in the event of an emergency.     

  • Gianfranco Giammaria Memorial Society (GGMS): Please visit this webpage.  They want to get AED’s in all recreational facilities.  This is one ‘secret’ you can pass onto our competitors.
  • SADS website: Canadian Sudden Arrhythmia Deaths Syndromes Foundation
We have seat belts, life jackets, bike helmets, first aid kits with bandaids for small cuts….this is about cardiac arrest in kids…we need defibrillators in school gyms in B.C.  The United States cites one student cardiac arrest death every 3 days, with 70% survival with a defibrillator.
More than 700 Teens and Young Adults die annually of Sudden Cardiac Arrest…that is easily going to be someone you know.

SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST IN YOUTH – related articles, there are many, many more.  If you are concerned, please speak to your doctor.  Getting an AED and reading about the reasons behind it, help us to be gain knowledge and be prepared.